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As I write, we are preparing for our Parish Conference on Saturday. I am very grateful to the Planning Committee who have put in so much time and energy preparing for our Conference. A big thank you to Steven Bird, John Thomas, Dan Rodriquez, Marta Rodriguez, Elmer Guera and Nick Lee who have been preparing for the Conference for the last 12 months.

We will be celebrating our Seniors Mass this Friday 7th August at 10.00am. This Mass is always followed by a very well received morning tea. You are very welcome to attend and if you would like a lift to Church, please call the Parish office on 3345 3766 early this week.

Next Saturday 8th August is the Feast day of our National Saint, St Mary of the Cross (Mary McKillop). We will have a special Mass at 9.00am at Sunnybank for those who would like to attend.

You are invited on Saturday, 8th August to celebrate 10.00am Mass at the Cathedral of St Stephen, with His Excellency Archbishop Adolfo Tito Yllana, Apostolic Nuncio to Australia, for the Feast Day of our Archdiocesan Patron, Saint Mary Mackillop. Tea, coffee and juice with be provided for all guests.

Our Social Justice Committee meets this Thursday night 6th August at 7.00pm in Paloma. Our Social Justice Committee discusses a lot of topical issues such as asylum seekers and the Pope's latest Encyclical Letter on Ecology and Climate. You would be very welcome to join in the discussion.

Friday, 9th October 2015. Mass at Our Lady of Lourdes, followed by Supper in the Avocado Room. Further details to be advised.

The Welcoming Committee is organising the New Parishioners Lunch on Sunday, 30th August. If you would like to attend please fill in the New Parishioners sheet at the front of the Church. (Orange for Sunnybank and Blue for Fatima)

As part of Seniors Week Celebrations, Telstra has contacted us and offered for some of their Digital Ambassadors to come and visit us once or multiple times, to explain what the internet is, discuss its relevance for everyday life and show people how to get started. It is an opportunity for participants to ask questions and learn some simple skills such as how to find bus timetables, buy groceries online and connect with friends and family using technology. If you are interested in coming along, would you please phone Frances McKenzie on 3344 6728 to put your name on our list. Morning tea provided. More details later.

Term 3 Dates are as follows: (Wednesdays) 5 August, 19 August, 26 August, 2 September, 9 September Time: 9.00am for 9.30am start - 11.00am
Place: Our Lady of Lourdes, 121 Mains Rd, Sunnybank Cost: $6.00
For further information contact Anne Scott on 0419 642 490 or Sunnybank Parish on 33455766.

Proposed Plans for OLOL Church

One of the biggest changes we will face in Sunnybank in 2015 is the refurbishment and extension of our Church. There has been a lot of planning carried out during 2014 to prepare for our new Church. The plans for the Church were sent to the Brisbane City Council in October and we have just finished 3 weeks of advertising locally asking for responses from those living close to the Church. Thankfully at this stage there have been no objections. We hope to proceed with the planning process and when the final approval is given by Brisbane City Council in the next 6 weeks our architect will draw up detailed plans, advertise for builders and we hope to begin building by midyear. This has lots of implications for our everyday use of our Church and we hope to be able to use our Paloma centre for our Sunday Masses. Please pray that everything goes smoothly.

I have formed a committee to act as a think tank to help in the planning process for the refurbishment and extension of the Sunnybank Church. The committee consists of Lyn Smith, David Grace, Gerry de Ruyter, Pat Goh and Mike Spann. The committee has met several times already and one of the tasks of the committee is to assist in raising funds for the new Church. In the New Year the committee will be asking for your financial help by advertising items in the Church which you could assist in paying for. These items include new pews, new altar furniture (e.g. a new chair for the Priest, a new marble reading stand, work on the marble altar), new furniture in the Priests sacristy and working sacristy, new furniture in the Reconciliation rooms, a new Baptistry and many more items. We were taken back a little when the first quote came in for new pews costing $6000 each.

Mike Spann Report

See also Minutes of the meeting held on Wednesday 16th October 2013

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